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Petrochem Toll Compounding B.V.

A company within the Petrochem BV Group for Industrial Toll processing; Engineering Polymers.

Our services include:

  • (Powder) Blending
  • Compounding
  • Lab facilities
  • Bulk handling
  • Custom packaging and warehousing
  • Direct shipment to end customers
Packaging and warehousing


Petrochem Toll Compounding B.V.

Our plant produces approx 20.000 ton per year with the current product mix of nylon based engineering polymers (glass fibre, glass bead and mineral reinforced) used predominantly for injection moulded components in the automotive and engineering sectors. Typical products are automotive components, electrical housings and bearings.

Although currently used by Petrochem for the production of nylon based engineering polymers, our plant could also be used for compounding polypropylene or polyethylene based engineering polymers with modifications to the screw profiles.

Our plant has been subjected to extensive refurbishment and has been designed to operate on a 24hr/day basis. The extruders employ segmented barrels and screws with barrel liners and side feeders to minimize downtime due to wear replacement. The lines are equipped with automatic raw material feeders to minimize pre-blending and all the lines are equipped with modern PCL control systems. The lines have been specifically designed for rapid product change and all are equipped with a facility for polyethylene purging between batches.

Petrochem's compouning factory

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